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Nerds, divas, and jocks alike will compete for the high school fencing championship in New Jersey. Leading up to the controversial state finals between Bernards and Columbia, the girls discover why sports have taught them life’s most important lessons. Columbia High School of Maplewood is the perennial powerhouse of the state and welcomes all types of kids onto its diverse team. Lead by a highly competitive coach, Bernards High School of Bernardsville is ranked by The Star Ledger as the #1 team in the state going into the season.


We experience their year as members of the team go through practices, team dinners, tournaments, school, and adolescent life. Each girl has her own reasons for competing in the sport, which doesn’t penalize them for their race, economic status, or gender. Filmed in a verite style, we witness the importance of sports in young girls’ lives.

Girls Need Sports

“Women make up 40% of all participants in sports—yet somehow receive only 4% of sports media coverage.”


Glamour, July 16, 2019


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